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Hello there, thank you for visiting. On this page you can see my latest, most favourite work. I post more on Instagram @hadas_hinkis so please check me out there for sales and events.

I have a great team in Berlin and will gladly take on creative projects, from bespoke costumes or entire photoshoot or video concepts.

Pictures on this page (unless stated otherwise) taken by:

Tobi Jall

Product development:

Gabrielė Sergejevaitė

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Virus, video clip for Anatopia, written and directed by Hadas Hinkis

Camera by: Jonas Römmig

Costume: Hadas Hinkis, Rebecca Allen

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Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe, written and directed by Hadas Hinkis

Camera: Tobi Jall

For Erika Lust XConfessions


Circles and Lines, video installation

Camera by Tom Rotsch