Personal re-invention


Body and self-identity are the basic themes of fashion, not to mention human life in general. the stories we tell about ourselves have a huge influence on how we experience our reality. For me, dressing up and embodying a character that is me and is yet greater then me, connected to a bigger power, allows me to dream up a better version of both myself and my environment. It gives me invented 'space' to spend time in, from which all the daily tasks and small difficulties of life fall into place.  

My personal parallel universe self is Helsatronica, a mythical creature from the future who is a healer through song and voice. She is an expert on connecting to the main power outlet of life, and of creation. She understands the forces of the universe and can travel anywhere with her mind. She is a warrior Princess, researching and experimenting with the different frequencies of emotion in order to discover and elevate the world.

Helsatronica Helsatronica