Pet pod Series


this 'Pet-pod: Heart' sculpture, made to be both a decoration and when desired, a useable sex toy. It is made with the incredibly soft, skin like material of The 'Fleshlight'. I re-designed its body, originally meant to be inconspicuous and hide inside the bedroom drawer. The new design is cute, decorative and proud. it stands as a symbol of humanity and sexuality, balance and simplicity.

In the future I will be developing more sculptural sex-toys, as well as touchable, sensual lamps and art installations. 

This piece is made in celebration of exciting times, where we are slowly allowing Kink and sexuality to come out of the 'dark' corner, changing its color and meaning, and exposing it for what it really is- a playground for adults, exploring and sharing the hidden gems of their psychology and desire.


Helsatronica Helsatronica