Why masks?

Masks disable the mind from questioning about beauty and worth. They allow the body to remain with a raw, animal like expression. A person wearing a mask becomes a symbol rather then a personality with self identity. Their body can now express bigger ideas and is free to be more archetypal, more eternal, more wild.

In the series ‘Members’ I use different textures of masks to reflect the diversity of peoples inner experiences. I like to use a textured, organic looking and soft surface,  because I experience my emotion and inner worlds are an extension of my sense of touch. A sensation, a feeling, which is just as real as a three dimensional object.

Thinking about human personality from a greater perspective is interesting. Maybe we are all so different so that we all fit together, and enjoy the movement of coming towards each other, harmonising where we are most needing to grow.



 Members: lovers2 by Hadas Hinkis

Photography: Tobi Jall

Performance: Jessica Comis and Hadas Hinkis

Thanks to the wonderful Robyn V. Wilson and Gabrielė Sergejevaite for making the costumes!


hi_res-4745_3_final small.jpg
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