Behind the Curtains

I love a challenging Photoshoot, where I push myself and my team to squeeze through holes, twist and bend to create some interesting surreal imagery. Growing up with Jim Henson, Michel Gondry and Busby Berkley, I appreciate the magic that happens when humans make the impossible possible, building up magnificent stages and scenarios for song and dance.

As realistic as CGI and Photoshop have become, I still prefer real-life special effects. A fantastic, out of this world idea is enhanced when realised by real, physical mundane earthly objects, and the collective effort it requires charges it with even more life.

‘Behind the Curtains’ symbolises the juggle of inner life, as I balance between two heads- ambition and inspiration. One wants to speed forward without looking left or right, the other wants to dream and go get lost in a forest. My hands are trying to control those two wild forces, while I walk about my day keeping it all together. 

It took about two months to organise this shoot- building the costume and planning the set. It took a few hours for Chika, an amazing set designer and artist, to paint those vaginas on the wall.  The holes were made, some friends came over and in the right moment everybody is in their position.  A moment of magic.

behind the curtains low res.jpg

Tobi Jall- Photography

Daphna Munz- Costume assistance

Chika Takabayashi- Set

Alexandra Moon-Age- ambition head

Shani Leiderman- inspiration head

Hands: Casio Ono, Into Christ, Chika Takabayashi

Helsatronica Helsatronica