Havea Brasiliensis, AKA the Rubber tree   

Havea Brasiliensis, AKA the Rubber tree


Latex care instructions

Why do we love latex so much? It feels alive. It has its own personality.

Thats because its a natural material made out of a liquid produced in this lovely tree here. Which is also why its biodegradable and does not last forever.

In order to keep your piece in the best state, keep it inside the box when not wearing or cuddling. Keep it as much as possible away from sun light, and apply some of the provided blue polish (or silicon oil) to its surface every once in a while, so it doesn’t get dried out.

Latex gets stained and disintegrated when coming in contact with metals and oils. So be careful with hair products, creams etc. Keep it away from other material in general, especially if you have a light coloured piece. Just keep it in its provided box and he will be fine.

Tobacco stains white or light coloured latex. If you’ve just rolled a cigarette don’t touch your white latex, before washing your hands!